Ever Growing

Now we have taken up farming teenagers at the Copeland Street House. Our 17 year old nephew has moved in with us and will stay with us for at least the rest of the school year, perhaps longer if he wants. This has already been an amazing experience for us. Farming our little plot is as much about nurturing things as it is for nutrition and sustainability. Now we have another human to nurture. Kalvin is a great guy and I'm looking forward to the holidays around our urban homestead with all the more reason to decorate and celebrate the little moments.

Sunday night was just one of those moments. Kalvin had been at his parent's for a few days and we celebrated him being back with us by baking chocolate chip banana muffins. We put on a little "Pink Martini" and enjoyed the warmth of our newly repaired furnace on a cold November night. There is so much more to a homestead than the things growing outside of it or the selections of food and furnishings one makes. The energy one choses can go beyond the literal way you power your house.