Who's this urban farm girl?

I am a 30 er 40 something girl who has lived longer in the Pacific Northwest now than I have in the Midwest. That said, there are many things about me that will always remain Midwestern:

  • I LOVE popcorn for dinner
  • I sometimes refer to lunch as dinner and dinner as supper
  • There is nothing better than a thunderstorm - and I mean a window-shaking thunderstorm
  • I like tornado weather
  • One of my favorite things to do is walk through a creek barefooted
  • A freshly ploughed field creates an inexplicable warmth and hunger in my stomach
  • Real tomatoes are big enough to eat just one for lunch
  • Pimento cheese makes a good sandwich
  • There's nothing wrong with a casserole made from Cheez Whiz once in a while
  • Gravy is a food group, but not just any gravy
  • "Show Me" is not just a motto but a way of life
I believe in reincarnation within a single lifetime. I've lived several already myself. My first lifetime was as a very awkward skinny girl who could live in nothing but jeans and a t-shirt and read nothing but Thomas Hardy novels. 

My second lifetime was a participant observing French major in B'ham, Washington. I married a man and spent a lot of time trying to figure out my place in the world by watching others. 

My third lifetime has been spent learning to participate more than observe. I tried to make this a science by getting a Masters in Anthropology. Now I'm married to a woman, living in P-Town where "Keep it weird" is more than a motto. 

Oh wait, I think I've just started my fourth lifetime! I'm now living as a full-time student of Chinese medicine. We shall see where this adventure will take me. 

Some major life accomplishments in no particular order: 
  • Catching a 10 lb channel cat on a cane pole
  • Learning to eat cheeseburgers with my jaw wired shut
  • Climbing Church Mountain not once but twice
  • Biking through northern France on pastries and Nutella
  • Sitting by a wood stove in a handmade adobe kitchen listening to the stories of an amazing woman in rural Peru
  • Travelling to Peru without visiting the Nazca Lines or Machu Picchu, twice
  • Driving through the Yucatan in a rental car
  • Making it through college and an MA without liking coffee or beer - we may make it through an MS this way too!
  • Growing up in the Midwest without liking steak
  • Living for almost  more than 20 years in the Northwest without liking salmon
  • Negotiating two crazy cab-rides entirely in Spanish and one in French. 
  • Covering an entire map of the Saguenay Fjord with the blood of black flies
  • Learning to say "Nice to meet you" in Quechua
  • Taking on the task of learning some Chinese - I will never say I'm "learning Chinese", I have very realistic expectations of my skills there
  • Most importantly, learning to let myself be "silently drawn by the stronger pull what [I] really love."