The Best Gift EVER

Six months ago I wished for something HUGE. I desperately wanted more time with my mom, to continue growing closer with my sister, and for Jovi to be OK. I just wanted things to be back to normal, even boring. Nothing more than just to sit all together for a meal without thinking about cancer, without worrying about what was next, without fear for my spouse. 

I could have received nothing this year but uneventful time with the folks I love. Six months ago, I wasn't sure this was possible again. Six months ago, this was in the realm of fantastic wishes, unrealistic thinking. Six months ago, I wasn't sure it was wise to even envision the possibility of another holiday all together with everyone well. I had to hunker down in the moment and accept a "new reality." 

Yesterday was more than I could have wished for. 


Re-Purposed Stationary Box

I have these heavy-duty magnetized stationary boxes leftover that I've wanted to do something with for a couple of years. This year I decided to make a decorative box. This is still in progress, but here's what I have so far:


Pill Pockets

OK, so I bought the fabric for this project because I LOVED it and had to do something with it. You could do this with any smooth, somewhat heavy fabric that you have laying around though. I call them pill pockets. Jovi and I started taking vitamins (and other drugs) this year and I HATE those plastic pill holders. First off, they are plastic and plastic is evil. Secondly, they make me feel like an old lady. They are so conspicuous too. So here's my sustainable solution - cloth pill pockets with dividers for each day of the week!


Free or Almost Free Gifts

Each day I am going to share a secret project with you. Usually I don't share my craft work until it is complete or, if it is a gift, until it has already been given. With the year I've had I decided to do some things for the holidays that I take pleasure in doing. I hate going to the mall or mass market stores and picking up cards to send just so I have a card to send and I hate picking up presents just so I have something to give. This year, if nothing took my fancy in the store, I am going with what takes my fancy in my crafting box. I get an afternoon or evening of creativity and you get to see what I'm giving. Hope it inspires you!

Thursday: This year's holiday card is a torn paper card.
I had everything to make these cards already in my house. The green backing paper is cardstock I had leftover from our wedding invitations. The torn paper is from magazines I had laying around (Cooking Light and Mix). The adhesive - glue stick in my cache. I did have to buy envelopes and stamps.

Tomorrow - "pill pocket".


Sustainable Holiday Fun

I got to open one of my Christmas presents last night.  (Jovi has the hardest time waiting until Christmas to give her gifts away. I have the hardest time waiting until Christmas to open my gifts. It's a good combination as far as I'm concerned.) We always have a budget for each other and each year Jovi goes over budget, claiming the pets had to get me something. This year I demanded I get to use the pet excuse and she had to stay in budget. I have tired really hard to convince her that I just like to open wrapped boxes. They could have little notes in them for all I care. She heard me finally. Here's my most awesome, perfect gift from her:

Yeah, that's a new timer in the background and she made up these massage coupons for foot massage, back massage, and - my favorite - "scratches." Merry Christmas to me!


Day "Off"

My to do list:

  • Clean the rabbit box (why do I want chickens?) 
  • Brush the dog
  • Take out the compost - dig a hole for it in the pile
  • Check the rain garden to see how it's holding up
  • Prep stir-fry - marinate the tempeh
  • Get the low tire fixed
  • Work on the curtain for the living room
  • Mail the holiday cards
  • Make "icon boxes" - craft project that will hopefully be a Christmas present or two
  • Practice Jason and John's wedding ceremony
  • Boxing class


Winter Soup

Hungarian mushroom soup with hand gathered chanterelles from the Coast Range and dill from the garden. So good and buttery rich. Perfect for a windy and cold indoor work day. Jovi nearly finished the new slate hearth.