Free or Almost Free Gifts

Each day I am going to share a secret project with you. Usually I don't share my craft work until it is complete or, if it is a gift, until it has already been given. With the year I've had I decided to do some things for the holidays that I take pleasure in doing. I hate going to the mall or mass market stores and picking up cards to send just so I have a card to send and I hate picking up presents just so I have something to give. This year, if nothing took my fancy in the store, I am going with what takes my fancy in my crafting box. I get an afternoon or evening of creativity and you get to see what I'm giving. Hope it inspires you!

Thursday: This year's holiday card is a torn paper card.
I had everything to make these cards already in my house. The green backing paper is cardstock I had leftover from our wedding invitations. The torn paper is from magazines I had laying around (Cooking Light and Mix). The adhesive - glue stick in my cache. I did have to buy envelopes and stamps.

Tomorrow - "pill pocket".

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