The rewards of gardening are plenty. First and foremost, I grew up on a farm and I feel most complete as a human when I am getting my hands dirty. I love dirt. I like digging in it, building mounds with it, examining it, making it. I look at a fresh ploughed field and it comforts me like a crackly fresh-baked cookie. Nothing is as satisfying as eating something you have grown yourself, especially from seed. I love the feel of early morning sunshine on my skin and how it gradually warms me when I'm picking the day's harvest. I don't have to go grocery shopping as much in the summer - in fact, I can go a whole two weeks between shopping trips. I can control what goes into my food - what feeds it, what protects it from bugs and disease. I can pick something right off the plant and stick it into my mouth without even washing it. Best of all, I love the solitude of my garden. I like feeling surrounded by plants and insects instead of people. Besides, below is what we're having for dinner at my house this week.

Today's dinner:
  • fried green tomatoes
  • bulgar, mint, tomato and seasoned tempeh salad
  • steamed green beans?


  • BBQ chicken salad (Gates sauce of course) with green pepper, corn, tomatoes and chili-lime dressing
  • grilled zucchini


  • pizza with chard, pesto, purple onion, sliced tomatoes and possibly applewood smoked bacon - top this all with grated pecorino romano cheese

From the garden ingredients (free!): tomatoes, mint, beans, lettuce, chard, green pepper, hot peppers, zucchini, and basil for pesto.

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