The Angle of the Dangle

No, this isn't a dirty post! It's just an observation on bean picking with a catchy title. Each time I pick green beans I try to pick all the beans off the bush. I prefer to get them before they get older and stringy so I pick even the small ones. Just a few days later I go out and I find beans that look like they've been growing for weeks. It seems like, no matter what, I always miss a handful tucked behind a leaf just out of sight. I've learned that to do a good job of picking, I need to look at the trellis from as many angles as possible. I'll get down on my knees and look upwards, look down into the middle of the trellis from my tippy toes, lift vines and even look sideways. I am starting to get the feeling this is another life lesson from the garden. I think the beans are trying to tell me to look at any problem from multiple perspectives and be open to finding solutions where you think they won't exist. Or maybe I'm just picking beans and spending too much time with my inner dialogue.

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