It's spring and I refuse to believe otherwise...

Jovi and I have adopted a new "urban farm" marriage survival plan this year. We will play one weekend; work around the house the next. The deck project last year had us tied up almost every nice weekend, frantically trying to complete the thing. Of course, half the battle was figuring out what we were doing - a good plan is a good thing.

Another piece of the battle was a nasty case of strep throat that plagued me for a good chunk of the nice weather. After about an hour of work, I would complain I was exhausted and retire to the couch for a two hour nap. We both thought I was just being lazy and trying to get out of the damn project. It wasn't until a visit to the doctor for what I was absolutely certain was a sinus infection, that we discovered I had strep. Of course the summer also started with a minor foot surgery for me too and that slowed us down much more than we had anticipated.

This year we are starting out fresh and with a fail-safe plan to balance work and pleasure. So far, it's working out. Last weekend we spent some lazy time at the beach, the weekend before we hammered out a new garden bed and planted two of the six existing beds. The weekend before that we went for a hike at the beach. This feels much more balanced and so far, we've gotten along pretty well too! No more bickering over projects and staying in bed until mid-morning dreading work on the urban farm.

Oh, I should also mention, we've taken to working on separate projects. Jovi actually built the new garden bed and I prepared and planted the two existing beds... The garden bed went 10 times faster than any other project and no disagreements over exactly how we should do it! It's a pretty cool bed too. Jovi used boards from our old deck... a little ironic no?


  1. I love this! I'm actually a little stunned that you've already planted a couple beds. What with? Should I be getting some stuff in the ground now, Oh Mighty Urban Gardener? I know so little and mess up so much each year. Any tidbits would be very kind. Think it's great you two have balanced out your work/play time for this summer. I know last year was rather rough for both of you with that lovely deck project! Ours was pretty much all play (not bragging, it was hectic)and our yard took a huge beating for it last year. Anyhow, great blog! Let me know if you have any suggestions for green thumbless me.
    Miss you two, Heather.

  2. You're thumb isn't brown by the way... Like Ig, you start something new and master it ASAP. : ) Thanks for the ego boost though, I'll take it! Hopefully we'll make it down there together soon. I can't wait to see Ig's new house too.