Rain, rain, go away. You could, of course, come again some other day. I don't want a drought either. The tomatoes are withering away. The basil simply won't stay alive. Plant #3 & 4 have almost bit the dust. I will say the broccoli and cabbage are looking fantastic. The onions, garlic, and chard are happy enough too. The chard is actually already going to seed. I'm afraid the onions and garlic may rot soon though if we don't get some dry weather. The slugs are having a heyday too with everything. Can't keep the beer strong enough to draw them away. Need some little beer tents! The potato bugs seem happy enough too.

Porter is on restricted movement too. Poor thing has been so housebound this spring with Jovi and I working extra hours both of us and the rain. Now he has a slight disc problem - that's the vet's guess anyway. Yesterday morning he just started whining randomly. We fed him breakfast and he just looked at it and then started pawing at it. This dog LOVES food and he's on a diet so he devours anything that looks remotely tasty including food soiled paper towels. So, dog-food flavored anti-inflamatories for now and not a lot of activity. Good news is that we found out he has lost 4 pounds! AND, they make dog-food flavored chewable anti-inflamatories. Bad news, they are $5 bucks per pill.

While we were at the vets yesterday, we saw a poster with two adult kitties needing a new home. They are brothers, they are six and they need a new home because the toddler in the house is allergic. They look very sweet and spunky. I was very tempted. I haven't been this long without a kitty since I was maybe 12? Then again, it's nice to have one less litter box. I'm also worried everyone would think we were nuts if we added two cats to our menagerie. Feel free to give your opinion below.

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