"Barn Raising"

I've said it before and I'll say it again, community is important. We've had a rough year this year and this last two weeks have been especially difficult. One of the things that have seen me through this time are the relationships we have with friends, family and neighbors. My sister's constant encouragement in the form of texts, my sister-in-law and auntie-in law and their sheer presence, and friends who have met me at boxing class or spent the night. Then last weekend, I put the call out for help with our little house and yard. We had a ton of great friends show up and do all sorts of work around the house. One of our friends referred to it as a "barn raising like the Amish do." She said, "We should do this more often for each other." I couldn't agree more and am so grateful for all the work they did! Just call and if we can be there, we will gladly return the favor.

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