To Gas or To Chop?

So Jovi and I are in a bit of a stalemate. Perhaps someone can help us? We are going to take care of our open fire place this fall. Currently our fire place has no damper or glass doors so it's highly inefficient. It's just a big hole in our house for all practical purposes. Jumping on the bandwagon that it's going to be a cold winter, I'm determined we're going to do something about it asap. Jovi's fine with this too. The problem is, do we install a gas insert or a wood stove insert?

The internet is usually where I can turn to solve these arguments, but the jury seems out on this one as to which is the more efficient, more environmentally sound choice. Here's our pro/con list as of now:

Gas: No work, just flip a switch. No storing wood with potential pests near the house. No need to figure out wood storage. Puts out as much heat now as the wood stoves. There's a cool model with "spa stones" instead of fake wood. Fossil fuel contributing to global warming.

Wood: "Real" fire. Can be carbon neutral if we can find a sustainable source of wood (have to find that). If you can't, it's contributing to global warming too. Works in an earthquake if the house is still standing - course we already have gas to the house. Like many people, I don't find burning gas in my house comforting but slightly nerve wracking.

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