I should be ordering seeds.
I should be planting the seeds I have already purchased.
If I were on top of things, I would tell you that I am planting sweetpeas, peas,  broccoli, spinach and more shallots right now.
I would be planting blueberries.
I would be digging up that damn pile of rocks behind our addition and by the retaining wall. I'd be figuring out that drainage problem.
I'd learn how to use the chop saw and I would be building my own garden beds rather than waiting for Jovi to help me.
I would be finishing the rock by our fireplace.
I would be pruning more of the rhododendrons and camellias.
I would be divvying up the honey to distribute to friends and colleagues.
I would have built the chicken coop already.
These are the things I would be doing if I weren't lazy.

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