InFARMation Meeting Tuesday at Holocene

This meeting looks interesting - especially as most of us do these urban farm things in our free time after a 40 + -hour a week job:
InFARMation this Tuesday - 21st Century Householding

Tues 6/14 – 21st Century Householding

Preserving, planting, planning, partnering with farmers, buying in bulk, buying locally, gardening, budgets, cooking from scratch, DIY – these are all aspects of incorporating “sustainable” values into running a household, but they all take skills, time, effort, and knowledge. Join the discussion about “householding” and how that fits into the large picture of supporting family farmers and ranchers, but also supporting the bigger sustainable food system and balancing a sustainable life for ourselves and our families. How does anyone do it all with just 24 hours/day and 7 days/week? We’ve got some great folks on tap to lead this inter-generational discussion and lend their experience, tips and advice: http://cnrg-portland.org/content/infarmation-tuesday-21st-century-householding

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