A Room of One's Own

So, the wife loves me. What's even cooler, is that her little brother loves me too. He, and his family spent this past weekend helping to build me a little room of my own. All this while I mostly studied or was in class! It's officially to be known as "the shed", you could also call it my woman cave. It's a 10x20 structure with a mix of repurposed and new materials. Here's the skinny on what it will include in the end:

  • Leftover flooring from my in-law's house
  • Leftover 3-tab shingles for the roofing from a friend's house
  • Recycled windows from the Rebuilding Center
  • We are looking for shingles on Craig's List leftover from someone else's project... 
  • I'm also looking for some good solar lighting options
  • Rainwater catchment - not sure if we will just water the adjacent garden beds with it or hook up a gray water faucet for projects in the shed itself. 
  • We were toying around with a green roof for part of it, but I don't think this is the best idea with the shed being entirely under very large cedar trees completely shading it and shedding acidic branches constantly. 
  • I plan to make several hook racks out of the larger branches we had to trim from the closest cedar tree. 
That's it to start. Would love feedback, ideas, tips! 
Here's some pictures of the process. 

Kalvin and our nephew Cade have their handprints added!

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