Planting Weekend?

I'm sensing a dry enough spell to get in the garden again this weekend! I'm going to get in those peas... hoping it's not too late. More lettuce. I think I may go ahead and plant the beans. I also think we should plant carrots in the new bed and I may go crazy and plant sunflower seeds. If I'm feeling really spunky, I may go ahead and buy the tomato starts. If so, I'll plant the zucchini and cucumber too. I can't remember if I bought dill seed and cilantro yet...

Guess my chore the rest of this week is to go through the seed packets again. I'll look at the soil temperature suggestions and do some guess work as to what's next.

I also need to separate some of the garlic that's up and spread it out. I thinned the radishes last Wednesday. Time to put out some fresh beer too... it's slug weather now that it's a little warmer. It's been cold enough so far to hold them at bay, but not now!

The broccoli and beets are up. The lettuce had a growth spurt last week, as did the radishes (they liked being thinned). The onions are looking really big and most of the garlic looks healthy. The sage is flowering... poor confused plant. I'm contemplating cutting it back so it doesn't flower yet. The bee balm and lemon balm are wanting a bit more sun and the mint is just biding it's time.

I'm also itching to do some fence building. I really want to get our west side fence replaced this year. We plan to put in an arbor and a gate. We have visions of making a removable section so we'll be able to bring in larger equipment later if we want - such as a bobcat to do some grading. Soil would be easy to dig for fence posts right now. We'll see... we don't have a design yet and we know how important a good plan is : )

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