Gardening the Rain

OK, it's done, for now. :  ) Introducing, the rain garden! Newest addition to our little homestead.

We disconnected the downspout, ran a new pipe about 6 feet from the house, buried it in gravel. Then we dug out a creek bed and put down river rock in it. The extra dirt went to build up around the ponding area at the end. The outlet is covered in rocks from Kathi's house - free : ) Then we put new compost in the ponding area and all around the garden.

Apparently this is the time of year to buy plants too! I was able to buy a bunch of native plants, each plant at least 20% off. We planted more sword ferns, soloman's seal, Oregon grape, snowberry, strawberries, rush and violets in the ponding area, and more. We had kinnikinnick, and an ocean spray plant. Some lupine and bleeding heart.

No more mowing that side of the yard--- well, no more mowing the weeds that were the only thing that grew there!

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