Store-Bought Pie Greetings

This Thanksgiving, I am taking it easy. No gourmet brined, free range turkey in the oven. No ham hock waiting to drench green beans in tasty fat. No smell of fresh baking bread in my house. No home made pie.

Nope, I'm taking it easy this year and being grateful to let someone else cook. Grateful for the break from work. Grateful for the three books I am reading and will have time to read over the next few days. Let's make a list of what I'm grateful for this November:

  • Chinese food for lunch
  • 2 and a half days off work
  • People who work those days
  • My massage therapist
  • My acupuncturist
  • Volunteers who are more like aunties to me
  • Staff that are like sisters
  • My sister in general and the family picture she is organizing for us
  • The warmth of my home and my shoes
  • Hot baths
  • Stores that are open the day before Thanksgiving and that sell me pie and rolls
  • My mom's health at last
  • Jovi's health
  • Boxing and boxing buddies
I am taking it easy and just being in awe of the end of a year that has been one marathon of an endurance test. Like the end of a race well-done, finish line in sight, cheers around you, glow of your effort, elation of exhaustion, a rest well-earned. 

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