Wild Weekend

So after a week of feeling like crap to the point that I spent all of Friday on the couch in front of the TV, I had a wild weekend. A Pacific Northwest wild weekend. Two of Jovi's dragon boat buddies took us up to the Coast Range to harvest wild chanterelles. After just over an hour, we had grocery bags full of mushrooms and one very wet and happy mountain dog. Not only did we find chanterelles, we also found lobster mushrooms. I'd never heard of these and have never eaten them, but was reassured they are edible. Although we did end up with a flat tire, we came back with at least $150 to $200 worth of mushrooms!

This morning I made a lobster mushroom frittata with homegrown garlic, chard and parsley. Then we washed all the chanterelles and fried almost all of them up for freezing. The water they put off I have drained and will use to make mushroom gravy! I will dry the rest of the mushrooms. The house smells delicious!

Lobster Mushroom

Frying up lobster mushroom
Adding garlic, red pepper & green onion
Bag o' chanterelles

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