Gleaning the Garden

OK, so it's that in between season when I'm waiting for the ground to dry enough to plant some veggies and it never seems to get there. If someone were dropped into the PacNW from space, they would have no idea what season it is right now. Sprinter still? So, I'm gleaning the garden. Little baby garlic bulbs - so many I might as well have some now. Chives are up and aplenty as is the parsley. There is chard again finally and in abundance so we can have greens. Best of all, the mint is back. For a few months we'll have tender, dark mint for tea. Nothing like fresh mint versus dry. So, this morning I made a nearly free breakfast frittata for the family and mint tea (with a bit of lemon balm) for the nephew and I. The eggs were a present from a friend. We also had a broccoli plant that we let overwinter which has sprouted a few tiny fresh growths. I cut those off and the stalks are tender enough to impart a broccoli flavor and some darker green and purple color without the bitterness of an older stalk. 

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