New Babies!

The Copeland Street family just got a little bigger this past weekend. We have added Ponyo and Picchu, two short-haired kittens.

It's been over a year since we had to say "goodbye" to Booger, the Queen B. I didn't really want a new cat after her. We had such a way of communicating and so many memories together. I didn't think a new cat would replace that, I just also felt more that I loved Boogs more than I loved cats in general. You know when you have that special relationship with a beloved pet that transcends them being an animal? They are family, they are your best friend, your witness to life's many changes.

A friend of mine a few weeks ago posted kitten pictures on Facebook and I casually said we should get one to Jovi. Well, here we are again. The litter box, the crazies, the little kitten bites and scratches, I had completely forgotten how much I truly just love cats. I love these little monsters.

Picchu and Ponyo

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