It's that time of year when we start frantically making our own resolutions or rolling our eyes at other people's resolutions. I'm in the making resolutions camp and proud of it. The darkest day is over, but cold wet days are ahead if you live in the Pacific Northwest. What better way to while away the hours than to eat, wait - no - make resolutions. (It is a better alternative to eating myself into an senseless, grumpy hibernation.) So here are mine:

  • Get back into an exercise routine including yoga class once a week and a cardio class once a week. Get on that bike and get out walking.
  • Cut out straight-up sugars (no packaged, primarily sugar-based treats such as candy bars, pudding, cookies, cake etc.) Save sugar for fruit, and the occasional delicacy (like a homemade gift of a treat or a bubble tea here and there). 
  • Get the garden plans going and get that garden growing this year!
  • Continue to be in bed by 10 on week nights (notice I did not say "go to bed by 10"... that ends up being 11).
  • Budget better for self care including massages every few months and acupuncture once a month. 
  • Plan my next trip to Peru. 
There are a few big surprises in store for this year too that I can't share yet.... So, that's it for now. A few resolutions will have to remain private. 

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