I've turned my laundry green!

Copeland House finally has a laundry line! I've been procrastinating installing a line for about a year now waiting for just the right design. For less than $20 today I found a retractable line that took about 1/2 hour to install. So worth it!
Of course if you have a line, you have to have a laundry pin bag. So in about 20 minutes I put together this little sock monkey oilcloth bag. 

Why use a laundry line when you have a machine dryer? Here's why I chose to (not to mention it's been way too hot for us to run our dryer):

[These are excerpted from "People Power"]

-Static electricity and shrinkage are no longer an issue.
-Clothing hung on clotheslines last longer (all the lint that collects in our dryer is actually your clothing breaking down) and smell fresher.
-When clothes are thrown in a dryer, zippers cause tearing and snags. By hanging your clothes outside you can completely avoid this problem.
-By driving half of your wash loads on a clothesline, the average family can save 720 pounds of cabon dioxide in a year.
-Save on your utility bill by not running the dryer! Did you know that electric dryers are among the top energy-users in a home?
- Save on laundry products too! Since the sun is a natural lightener you do not need to buy bleach and since electricity creates static cling you do not need to buy dryer sheets.

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